Filmmakers behind TAFF 2017 selected films demonstrated a new level of depth, creativity, and quality in visual arts for African stories. The films ranged from those that competed at the 2017 Oscars Academy Awards to those that have never been to any motion pictures competition. Stories varied from finding justice in our judicial systems; raising hopes on overcoming HIV; condemning domestic violence; dealing with daily struggles; celebrating life; discovering religious beliefs; exploring relationships; to questioning if black lives really matter. We have a compilation of films from 27 countries that will thrill our audience this festival year!



We congratulate all the practitioners whose film was selected. Unselected film should not translate to poor work. It simply means we had many films to choose from and we cannot screen every film submitted. Therefore, our judges made decisions based on overall score from judging criteria: Screenplay, Picture, Performance, Sound Quality, Visual Effects, Original Score, and Continuity.

The African Film Festival 2017 Films

Film Title


Affiliated Countries

Maasai 10th Lost Tribe of Israel   Kenya, United Kingdom
AmeriKa   United States
A Film for Northern Uganda   Uganda, United Kingdom
Represent (SOJU)   Botswana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone
Telling the Story of Slavery   United States
Ewir Amora Kelabi   Ethiopia
Chronicles of Elizabeth   Nigeria, United Kingdom
"Fragile Beauty", A Visual Journey   Ethiopia, United States
Michael   Kenya, United States
14:32   Ghana
E Do (Enough)   Cameroon
Squeaky Bike   Kenya, United Kingdom
Khayalami (My Home)   Zimbabwe
Nobody Dies Here   Benin, France
NIOFAR   Senegal, France
What Kept me Going   Zambia, Australia
Best Friends Forever   United States, Nigeria
LEYUAD   Spain, Western Sahara
How? Lucky   South Africa
Church Forest   Ethiopia
Singleton Boulevard   United States
RESET   Tanzania, South Africa
Just Not Married   Nigeria
CORNERSTONE   Uganda, Canada
M-001   Gabon
REVERSE   United States, Cameroon
A Place for Us   Namibia, South Africa, United States
To Serve and Protect?   United States
BELIEVE   Cameroon, United States
Family   Nigeria
Call Me Thief   South Africa
The Rhythm in Blue   United States
Oloibiri   Nigeria
The Invisible City [Kakuma]   Belgium, Kenya
Pixels Of Ubuntu|Hunhu   Zimbabwe
Bonaventure   Cameroon
Boxing Day   Nigeria, United States
Stripped   Nigeria, United States
Pure Silence   United States, Congo
Framed   Nigeria
Remand   Uganda, United States
XYZA   United States, Nigeria




TAFF welcomes sponsors. An effort such as this is not without strong collaborators and supporters who share our vision. Please contact us if you would like to be a sponsor. TAFF welcomes volunteers. Volunteers are a vital part of The Festival and volunteering comes with many privileges, including ALL ACCESS PASS to all our events. Volunteers have opportunities to help shape the event, making it a memorable experience for our filmmakers and attendees. In exchange for your time, you are given the opportunity to attend ALL Festival events, including After Parties and Behind the Scene activities.


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TAFF is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that focuses on films addressing Social, Economic, Ethnic, Political, Religious, or Health issues that affect Africa.